Julio Arangojuarez


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About Julio Arangojuarez

Julio understands the struggles and challenges that all people face on a daily basis, and he believes that buying or selling a home should NOT be one of them. His main focus is to understand the needs and ultimate goals of each client he serves and to build positive, professional relationships and long-term friendships with each person.

Julio’s passion for helping people comes from the 20+ years he spent in the military that allowed him to master these skills; he is also an accredited MRP (Military Relocation Professional) specialist. He acts as the head translator on the Agents of
Shields team for any Spanish-speaking clients. Julio genuinely enjoys his job
and looks forward to the opportunity of working hard to guide people through
the process of buying or selling the place we all call…”home”.

If you wish to find out more about Julio please visit his social media outlets and discover for yourself his track record of service and what he can offer as your agent of choice. In his own words:

“Exceptional customer service is both my passion and my priority. Helping customers in all stages of their life, whether it is your first home, a relocation, a move-up
home, a military move or finding a retirement home…I can get the job done!” Julio Arangojuarez